Pacelab Testimonials

Cricket is allergic to first principles research and hence finding coaches who are willing to sacrifice short term results for more solid overall development are rare. With this background the Rajasthan Royals went about its search for someone who could work on the development of its fast bowlers. The search ended at the door of Steffan Jones.

He has used first principles to come up with a methodology to define bowler types and then uses fundamental research to get them stronger and faster. Each step in the process is based around a combination of science and research around the movements of the human body. We at the Royals are delighted at the progress being made in the development of these bowlers and are fully committed to Steffan for the long haul, as we continue to support him in his endeavours to rewrite the rules around how bowlers are developed now and in the future of our sport.

Zubin Bharucha - Head of Cricket, Rajasthan Royals.

Having worked with Steffan now for the last couple of years I have come to further appreciate why the modern-day cricketer must be seen as, and therefore trained as, an athlete first and a cricketer second. Nobody in world cricket at the moment does this better for fast bowlers than Steffan Jones, finally bringing some ‘science to the sweat’ of S & C.

We now have somebody in the system who is genuinely asking the right questions as to why the fast bowler gets injured and has proven mechanisms in place to firstly answer those questions and secondly, strategies to remedy the problem. Steffan appreciates that every athlete has a different physiology, a different neural and structural make-up and therefore different load capabilities. It is because of this intimate understanding we now have somebody reinforcing the mantra that one can’t train an individual, particularly the modern fast bowler, without appreciating these differences and then implementing this in their training protocols

John Gloster - B.App.Sc(phys), MAPA, MSMA Medical Coordinator & Head Physiotherapist Rajasthan Royals (IPL franchise) Head of Sports Science, GoSports Foundation Ex Head Physiotherapist, Indian Cricket Team, Surrey County Cricket, Bangladesh National Team

Fast bowling coaching under Steffan is just amazing. His drills are scientifically driven, and the coaching plans are meticulously drawn yet personalised to a players strengths, needs and capabilities. In true sense he helps bring the best out of a player and pushes to the performance optimum boundary. He definitely helped me, to be much better in my bowling.

Ishant Sharma - India International Fast Bowler.

The game of cricket is changing and with that comes a change in the approach to the way we coach if you want to produce players capable of succeeding at the highest level. Steffan Jones is putting information out there, players and coaches from grassroots level through to international level are searching for it. Mindsets and the approach to fast bowling are changing, the whole goal is to bowl fast to maximise the damage that can be caused. Steffan is opening bowlers and coaches eyes to another way of doing things, he is at the forefront of a fast evolving game.

Julian Wood - International Batting/Power hitting Specialist coach

Inspirational Welshman Steffan Jones has been a revelation in the development of a lot of fast bowlers. Not only at the Rajasthan Royals but also the various camps he holds around the world. His development programs are unique but very effective. I wish him all the luck for his new website, and may he continue to inspire and develop fine fast bowlers. Regards, Sairaj Bahutule.

Sairaj bahutule - Rajasthan Royals Spin Bowling coach

I first became aware of Steffan via Twitter. Though we have yet to meet in person, our off-line discussions over the last few years have made clear to me the uniqueness of Steffan’s aggregate understanding that is consistent with my theory that every coach of sport must possess top-down knowledge of all relevant subject matter. While, to those unfamiliar with the true nature of sport coaching, this may read as an obvious characterization of coaching competency which all coaches possess, the objective truth reveals something much different.

The overwhelming majority of sport coaches around the world possess an isolated, as opposed to an aggregate, awareness of the sports they coach; and all domains which underpin competition results. Alternatively, my distance communications with Steffan reveal an exception; in which Steffan makes it a priority to assimilate all facets of knowledge that implicate coaching. As a result, all those in the Cricket community would do well to consider what Steffan has to offer.

James Smith - Global performance coach. Author of ‘The Governing Dynamics of Coaching’

Steffan is hands down the leader in the world when it comes to the application of physical and skill development. Many coaches can get you strong, some can get you fast, but few can actually get you better. Steffan gets those qualities to transfer into better sporting results. His system of data tracking, identifying individual weaknesses, and applying the appropriate methods to get skill transfer is as good as it gets. I look forward to reading what he has to say on a daily basis. He makes me a better coach.

Zac Dechant - Baseball specific preparation coach. Author of ‘Movement over Maxes’

I’ve seen few students embrace the Bondarchuk system of training as well as Steffan. Every time I see his loading prescriptions his understanding of the theory, implementation and execution of Dr B’s principles, and training principles in general, jump out at me. Top shelf educator and coach.

Derek Evely - Performer coach and Olympic track and field coach. Dr Bondarchuk system global expert

Steff for me is simply the best Fast Bowling coach there is. The research, detail and passion he has for it is unsurpassed. I truly believe that his hip/knee classification of bowlers will become the norm and should be being coached to not just other fast bowling coaches but S&C’s as well, to make sure that no harm is being done to the present and future generation of fast bowlers.

He has already changed the training and conditioning landscape for fast bowlers and will continue to do so as he leaves no stone unturned in his research. Quite simply if you get the chance to work with him then jump at it

Ross Dewar - UKSCA ASCC Lead S&C Coach Worcestershire CCC

Steffan Jones is one of the most forward-thinking coaches I know. He is on the leading edge of the motor learning and skill acquisition movement that is taking cricket and baseball by storm. He’s definitely one of my go-to resources for application of the science. I highly recommend Steffan and encourage every serious coach or instructor to investigate his teachings.

Randy Sullivan - Baseball performance coach. Owner Florida Baseball Ranch

I’ve known Steffan a few years now and from the get-go he has always struck me as the kind of coach who is willing to go to great lengths for his athletes but also for his craft. He has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and is prepared to talk to whomever from across the sport science domain in the search for better. As a result, he is one of the more innovative coaches you’ll come across. Probably more importantly, is his capacity to connect with people. Steffan is a hugely likeable guy who gets athletes and coaches willing to stretch themselves in their own search for better.

Dr Edward Coughlan - Skill acquisition specialist

To tell you the truth, I never understood why an expert in ‘fast bowling’ would be interested in my ‘Feed The Cats’ training of track athletes. Being an American, I assumed bowling referred to fast moving bowling balls knocking down pins. When I presented speed workshops in England last fall, I learned about the game of cricket and the art of fast bowling. Steffan Jones has studied my methods from afar and used them to create high-performing athletes. Love Steffan’s work!

Tony Holler - International sprints coach and global leader

Steffan Jones‘ unique and very successful approach to fast bowing is governed by his sound scientific understanding, decades of coaching experience and ability to individualize the training for each athlete. Everything is driven to improve on-field performance - that’s what matters most.

Daniel Kadlec - Strength and Conditioning coach

There are very few cricket coaches who i have come across incorporating training methodology transferring to skills. Steffan being on such coach who has played the game extensively and most importantly has educated himself in human movement patterns and biomechanics closely related to cricket and specifically fast bowlers. I have had the privilege to interact , work and carry forward some the work he has done and Trust me amalgamating fitness with skills is the way forward. All the best wishes Mate. Keep rocking .

Nishant Bordoloi - Strength and Conditioning coach

Steffan is without a doubt one of the smartest coaches in the industry. But being the smartest person in the room doesn’t mean anything for him, he is all about helping other coaches and athletes. The way how he applies the concepts of legendary Anatoliy Bondarchuk in the world of physical preparation for cricket athletes leaves me speechless every time I read one of his articles. Call me one of his disciples. #teamsteffanjones

Marcus Lindner - Strength and conditioning coach

Coach Steffan fully understands the functional requirements for his athletes to be successful. He also possesses the rare ability to dissect the latest findings in science, performance, and movement while applying these concepts to further increase an athlete's potential. Any athlete would be lucky to have him as a coach.

Randy Archibald (GOATA) - Sports performance coach

Being a fast bowler, I have always been fascinated by various ways to train the body in order to get the most out of it. But not before I met Stef, did I actually realise that it is not about abusing the body with mass load of training, but more about specific training for your body type and bowling style! He has come to these conclusions after years of doing it all by himself and thus his knowledge-field is vast. Everything that he does in terms of designing a fast bowler’s fitness regime has significance and makes a lot of sense even to a layman, its that simple yet effective! I have never been as strong as I am now, and that is after grinding through the whole 6-month domestic season and bowling nearly 500 overs and taking close to 100 wickets across all formats! Thanks for your help Steff

JD Unadkat - Record breaking Ranji trophy and India international bowler

I have had the opportunity to work with Steffan in one of his 5 day fast bowling camps in Bangalore last year. I had been following Steffan for a long time on Instagram and was amazed with the science behind all of his Instagram posts about fast bowlers. Meeting him and working with him was so empowering. He has embraced sports science and I particularly liked his methodology with the physical tests done on day one and PowerPoint presentations throughout the camp where he explained a lot of things that made so much sense like why the braced front foot, hip dominant or knee dominant bowler . Also, the simple routines to work on the knee drive, Achilles tendon training have been of huge help. He is immensely knowledgeable on the tactical front as well and it was, indeed a great learning curve for me to have work with him.

Shikha Panday - India international women fast bowler

I’ve worked with Steff for 2 years at Wellington School. I started off bowling at 80mph and 2 years later I left bowling 85mph. He links S&C and Fast bowling which really helped me grow stronger in the key muscle groups which led to the improvement of my technique and skill. He has helped me grow mentally as a fast bowler which is proving to be a vital aspect of my career.

Craig Dourado - U19 Fast bowler. Wellington school

Well where do I start with the big man... from day 1 he made me feel like one of his own kids which I find is rare now days coaches just want you to do well so it looked good on them but not Steff he truly wanted me to succeed for my own benefit not his. He would give me 110% of his time and support which I am forever grateful for. I believe he is the best bowing coach in the world and he will think outside of the box to get improvements where as other coaches won’t. He pushed my to the point in which I had no energy of enthusiasm left but he always managed to make me keep going! I managed to sign an academy contract at one of the biggest counties in England and I can certainly say I wouldn’t have got anywhere near that if it wasn’t for him.

All cricket aside he is one of the best blokes I’ve ever met. He looked after me like a son rather then a student or scholar. I’ve always said if I can go back and do my 2 years again I would do! This is a testament to the man himself and what he does for everyone. I miss the time culture as the all round top bloke he is! On a final point it was honestly the best two years of my life.

Tommy Sturgess - U19 Fast bowler. Wellington school

We,at SIX, are extremely delighted to have partnered with Pacelab. Over the last year, Steffan and his team have visited the academy 3 times and have stayed in continuous touch with our trainers and in certain cases, even the trainees have reached out and they are always accessible and ready to answer questions. The biggest shift I have seen since we started Pacelab at SIX is the mindset shift towards fitness. Even our 10 year olds now look forward to getting fitter and fitness is no more looked upon as a “punishment”. There has been a complete change on how our fast bowlers train and we have been seeing the results across age groups. The biggest 2 positives about Steffan’s coaching methodology are:

1. Personal - the programs are personalised to each bowler depending on various parameters. It is never a one size fits all. No one is forced to change their bowling actions unless absolutely necessary.

2. Data - he backs every claim of his with data. There is proof for everything which makes it easier for players to accept and which is why they have completely bought into his philosophy.

Arjun Dev - Rajasthan Royal’s manager and Academy director Six academy, Bangalore

Steffan is that catalyst every fast bowler needs to amplify his/her abilities. I was really lucky to spend the last IPL with Steffan after which I learnt that if there ever was perfect blend of a fast bowling coach and an SNC it was him. I’ve been working with him ever since and I can say without doubt that bowling fast has never been easier. He has revolutionised the way fast bowlers train with his innovations and ideas, paving the way for future generations to bowl faster and more efficient.

Varun Arrun - India International fast bowler

I have always enjoyed training and pushing myself hard to achieve the best possible fitness that I can..I actually realised that it is not only about lifting heavy weights but more about specific training for your body type and bowling style..Also I wanted to try something new as all these years I had been doing the same thing again and again and I felt the need for a change and I knew that I could get this change with Steffan as I had worked with him during the IPL 2019 at Rajasthan Royals..He has come to these conclusions about training after years of doing it all by himself and thus his knowledge-field is vast. Everything that he does in terms of designing a fast bowler’s fitness regime has significance and makes a lot of sense.

For me it was important to find the key factor which was missing where I could transfer my gym training work to bowling..I achieved it after training with Steffan which helped me bowl with more pace consistently.

Duwald Kulkarni - India international fast bowler

I got this great opportunity to train with Steffan Jones at the Rajasthan Royals and also at the pacelab camp at six community I have learnt a lot about training and fast bowling content with him.He has really helped me in improving and also making me understand the benefits of those exercises.I have experienced a unique training method and all exercises are very closely related to the game and very much game specific. The way he explains the science behind it is amazing and actually while doing training and after training you can feel the difference and you can straight away use it in your game as it is so much games specific Thank you Steffan.

Rahul Tripathi - IPL All-rounder

I have known Steffan for several years through mutual exchanges on topics regarding athletic training. My name is Win Chang, MD, recently retired Orthopaedic Surgeon specialized in sports and shoulder, having practiced in New York for over 26 years. I would consider Steffan as a coach for all coaches. He is incredibly knowledgeable and thorough in his analyses of athletic performance. What impressed me the most is his ability to think outside the box and constantly be on the forefront with cutting-edge technology and technique. It has been a great honor to have made his acquaintance. It be hooves any athlete who wish to achieve optimal performance to consult Steffan by all means.

Win Chang - Owner Shoulder sphere

I have always enjoyed Steff’s passion and energy around the development of fast bowlers. He is never afraid to challenge the status quo and the way that bowlers have been worked with and developed in the past. I see Steff as a ‘modern thinker’ and I enjoy hearing what he has learnt from other sports and how he believes this learning may apply to developing fast bowlers. He is a ‘doer’ and is never standing still if it means he can help bowlers improve. His drills and beliefs are not for everybody. However, for the open minded Steff is someone to spend time with.

Stuart Barnes - Assistant and Specialist Bowling Coach Somerset County Cricket Club

First of all I would like to Big Congratulate to Steffan Jones for his launching of his new website Pace Lab Academy a Dream Project for that he was working for last 4 – 5 years to help the pace bowlers globally. I wish him all good luck for his new Dream to Train Pace Bowlers Globally What dose True S & C Coach Means it’s a big and vast discussion but if I answer in short a person who don’t work on Guess Work, Committed to Excellence and always try to find out more to improve as a Strength & Conditioning Coach and always ready to help out the S& C Community with all Research and Fact then my answer in one word will be Steffan Jones and I am sure every reader will agree to me I know steffan Jones from 2016, he not only personally help his personal clients or team mates but he also help players who cannot reach him or cannot afford his programme to purchase through his post on social media with such a detail description rather it’s a Sprinting Session, Bowling Load, Plyometric Jumps, Max Strength Weight Training, OU Ball, Stability Session Foot Contact etc which generally no one post in such details I won’t hesitate recommending any professional or beginner cricketer using Steffan training programs. He is not only a role model to a number of young players but also for many S & C Coaches and not only in uk but almost every part of the world He is always happy to share his wealth of knowledge and experiences with everyone. I wish him all good luck for future endeavour and hope that even I will get chance to work and learn from him in a future project .

Rashid Zirak - S & C Coach Arunachal Cricket Association Men’s Senior Cricket Team (BCCI)

I'm a pitching coach in the world of baseball, yet I find myself scanning social media daily for Steffan's next post. His understanding of the inner workings of the human body and ability to make the complex, simple, puts him in the 1% of the 1%.

Lantz Wheeler - Pitching specialist coach and Owner Core Velocity Belt.

I’ve had the honour of working with Steffan Jones for close to 12 years. First as a coach when I trained him when he was a professional athlete and then as a colleague when he transitioned into strength and conditioning/physical preparation work. I am astounded by how far he came. He is now one of the most innovative strength coaches in the word. What Is amazing with him his that he improved the whole human being. Every facet, from the mental side to the physical capacities one all the way to technical improvements. He has taken physical preparation to a new level and I feel privileged to now be able to learn from him.

Christian Thibaudeau - Strength and conditioning coach/International speaker

Steffan has been a great friend and mentor of mine for the past 7 years. He has always shown great interest and genuine care towards me ever since we first connected, providing great training related guidance which has undoubtedly made a positive impact on my career. What really stands out for me about Steffan is his generosity with time, generosity with sharing information and his genuine care towards someone else. Despite his hugely busy schedule, he always finds time to connect and provide a helping hand. His passion for wanting to make someone else better is evident in how he communicates and treats everyone he interacts with. His vast amount of knowledge and practical application is second to none, making him one of the leading coaches in the world. Steffan has challenged my beliefs on numerous occasions, and for that I thank him for making me a better coach.

Robin Arkell - India Hockey Head of Strength and Conditioning

If I was an athlete training for sport the first coach I'd call is Steffan Jones. Steffan is one of the most dedicated coaches I've run across in 30 years. He stays 100% up to date on science and is always pushing his training to another level. There are coaches who know a lot about training but very few coaches have his combination of coaching experience and first-hand experience competing at a very high level. Said simply, he gets all aspects of it and should be considered a legit secret weapon for any athlete under his guidance.

Kelly Baggett - Performance coach and author of ‘The Vertical Jump Bible’

Steffan has an excellent cricket mind and I have certainly found our collaboration regarding one of our Indian pace bowlers useful and forward thinking. Stephan understands both the science and practical aspects of developing pace bowlers. He is a genuine leader in his field and I look forward to many more discussions and collaborations.

Nick Webb - India cricket Head S+C

Steffan Jones is a true pioneer of human movement and performance. Few coaches carry his combination of passion for sport, holistic thinking, and in-the-trenches experience with a variety of methods. Steffan encapsulates the methods of the world's greatest coaches and puts it in a training package that is pushing the envelope when it comes to getting beyond the traditional systems that separate the weight room with skill development on the field. Steffan’s work is thoughtful, innovative, and he is making the world of sport a better place. I'd highly recommend anyone towards his work and ideas.

Joel Smith - Performance coach and Owner ‘Just-Fly-Sports

Steff is one of the most forward-thinking coaches I’ve met and his thirst to continually develop his expertise and his athletes is something I admire greatly. His mind seems to operate on a level rarely seen in this industry and I believe he’s a coach ahead of his time with the ability to coach all aspects of fast bowling performance. He’s an open book with regards to his methods, as well as how and why he implements them. In addition to his coaching ability, he is one of the nicest blokes I’ve come across in the industry. He makes time for everyone despite being an incredibly busy guy. I’d recommend Steff to any athlete who seeks to optimise their athletic and bowling performance.

Lee Kirk - BSc (Hons) ASCC CSCS Strength and Conditioning Coach University of Exeter

Steffan is a pioneer in his field. There are only a few technical coaches in sports who completely understand, training transfer and even less who have a system to optimise planning and exercise selection. Steffan has blended the important concepts underpinning sports transfer into his pace lab training model and I continue to be impressed by his philosophy.

Jonas Dodoo - International sprints coach and global speed specialist

Steffan has the rare (and sometimes unpopular) ability to tell it like it is: despite decades of effort and the “professionalisation” of modern strength and conditioning, athletes are bowling or throwing slower and getting hurt more often. Measurable skills like fast bowling, pitching and the Olympic throwing disciplines have demonstrated for all to see: the emperor is wearing no clothes! The traditional, popular model of “just get stronger” and “just get more powerful” does not work.

Steffan is unique in that he has lived both the role of the athlete and the coach at a high level. As such he has a rare ability to understand and break down the mechanics of throwing, and does so to a more intricate level than any coach I am aware of. His ability to reverse engineer throwing demands, shape the athlete’s learning environment and develop the kind of biomechanical and physical qualities that actually DO transfer to the sport.

I hold Steffan and his staff in the highest regard when it comes to long term athletic development. Their “slow cooked” approach to the development of youth talent, and a focus on building the foundations of athletic movement in a no-nonsense manner produces results that speak for themselves. He has been integral to building one of the most comprehensive and well-resourced youth development programmes in the UK. I would consider my son lucky to be coached by him, and I would encourage you to entrust the coaching of your son or daughter to him too. /p>

Keir Wenham-Flatt - MSc, BSc, CSCS Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Steffan's ability to explain the differences in bowling strategies, their various attractors and their relatability to other throwing sports has been instrumental in my mental modeling of how throwing should work. His ideas helped me to learn different training styles that were instrumental in my own development as an athlete and as a coach. I am glad to have discovered his work and will continue to follow him as he makes people better all across the globe.

Rob Hill - LA Dodgers

Steffan has been an incredible source of information on how to better train the athletes that I work with…. And I train baseball pitchers! It’s amazing how much Steffan has challenged my thought process to better understand the complexities of movement patters and what’s happening below the surface!

Harold Mozingo

Steffan is an industry leader. Knowledgeable but even more important, passionate, Steffan consistently raises the bar as he continues to pursue the best means of developing sport specific skill.

Sam Briend - Pitching Director of the New York Yankees and former lead instructor at Driveline Baseball.

Steffan is at the forefront of strength and conditioning. He’s been someone I’ve followed for a long time and have learned a lot from. His coaching strategies are based both around research and creating optimal results with the athletes he works with. I’ve been especially impressed with his ability to think outside the box when it comes to training methods. Everything he programs for athletes has a very specific reason it will benefit athletes. Without a doubt, he is one of the brightest minds in sport development, I always look forward to learning from what he has to share.

Bill Miller - Certified Strength and Conditioning coach specialising in rotational sports. Owner of Bill Miller Training.

Having known Steffan for long now to judge that he’s one of the best fast bowling coaches going around. His methods are modern and innovative, and data based. I know for a fact that a lot of players especially fast bowlers across continents have benefitted from his knowledge and technical know-how. So I would highly recommend him to all, grab this opportunity to tap into someone very committed, passionate and knowledgable. And as a person he’s a gem.

Amol Muzamdar - Batting coach at Rajestan Royals

Pioneer, teacher, scientist, passionate and loaded with personal experience. These are traits found in very few and hence why Steff is the best I’ve worked with. The bowling action and the human body combined are extremely complex entities. Steff has an array of skills and experience to put the puzzle together from beginning to end. Understanding how to individualise programmes according to a bowler’s action, body type, age etc is a unique skill and one which I’ve watched Staff execute with unquestionable success. Not only is he simply brilliant at the front-end skill which develops, builds and improves fast bowlers, he has elite soft skills whereby he easily builds rapport and earns trust with players, regardless of their level, vital in any relationship between player and coach. Most importantly, with a degree in teaching from, none other than Cambridge University, he understands how individuals learn, which allows him to deliver his message with precision. All this makes for a very powerful package which I’ve had the pleasure to witness first-hand. In short, a TOTAL Fast Bowling Coach at the top of the game. Nic Pothas International Coach

Nic Pothas - International coach

Steffan Jones is not just a world-renowned coach, but world class thinker. He pushes boundaries, forces critical thinking and has the results to back his methods. It’s a true honour to be able to learn from him. I would advise any coach out there to not take his teachings for granted. His ability to integrate information from numerous fields is second to none and his passion for knowledge is contagious. Thank you for all that you have done for the field!

Max Schmarzo - Owner of Strong By Science

Steffan is one of the best mind’s in the training world today. He applies cutting edge concepts, designed for other sports, and successfully adapts them to much more technical sports, like Cricket.

Chris Korfist

Steffan Jones is, in our opinion, one of the industry leaders in integrating the nervous system with sports performance strategies to get the most out of his athletes. Very few analyze performance the way he does, and even fewer can seamlessly combine complex topics to create a simple yet robust performance approach. He is someone that we at IKN have learned a huge amount from, and he is always willing to share his knowledge which is another fantastic attribute he possesses. We’re excited to continue to learn from Steffan, as he is always hungry to learn and integrate more to get the best out of himself and his athletes.

Integrated kinetic Neurology

Steffan is trailblazer. PaceLab’s training methods draw inspiration not only from Cricket and overhead throwing, but from an array of training methods found in many other disciplines. This holistic approach is inherently devoid of the outdated dogma hindering physical preparation in many professional sports. Steffan’s methods are cutting edge and their applicability across the spectrum of speed and power sports is very exciting.

Ben Simons - MSc OLY. 2014 & 2018 Olympian.Founder of @Semtex_Systems

Cory Schlesinger made me aware of Steffan Jones' Instagram page some time ago. What a great mind and knowledge when it comes to understanding that it's not all about strength in physical preparation for athletes. Love the content and knowledge he puts out. Really respect this guy and his abilities.

Buddy Morris - Strength and Conditioning coach Arizona Cardinals.

I am a real fan of Steffan's thought processes. He takes different streams of complex material , and does a great job of synthesizing them, and communicating them in a coherent way. Kudos Steffan.

Stuart McMillan. CEO Altis

Having worked with Steffan for the Rajasthan Royals his knowledge on all aspects of fast bowling is right up there. I wouldn't hesitate in listening to what he has to say.

Jofra Archer - England and Rajasthan Royals

Steffan sir has helped me understand what's needed to bowl fast. His coaching methods are really specific to what I need and had helped me add speed to my bowling. I look forward to working with him every session.

Akash Singh - India U19 Left arm quick and Rajasthan Royals

I worked with Steffan Sir during the preparation for this year's IPL with the Rajasthan royals. I've gained so much bowling speed this year after using his methods and programmes. My aim is to bowl 150kph and with his help I think I can achieve it. Kartik Tyagi. India U19 and Rajasthan Royals Speedster.

Kartik Tyagi - India U19 and Rajasthan Royals Speedster

Steffan has developed a great model for training powerful rotational athletes that utilizes an effective blend of special strength and speed principles. Our interactions and his content always push me to think further on how we can better develop rotational athletes and I enjoy his implementation of sprint training and plyometrics to enhance the output of his athletes.

Gerry DeFillippo - Owner of Challenger Strength and S+C Coach

Steffan has a deep understanding of and a unique approach to teaching the complicated art and science of fast-bowling.

Paddy Upton - IPL, Big Bash, and PSL Coach

Steffan has continued to show that he is one of the best in the industry. His continued pursuit of knowledge, and the effort level he puts into making sure his athletes are getting the best information & results possible is second to none. He’s doing amazing things for the training community and is an example to everyone of what it takes to be great in sport, and in life.

Eugene Bleecker - Founder/Director of Player Development- 108 Performance. MLB Consultant. Author- Old School vs New School: The application of Data & Technology into Baseball.

Since retiring from professional sport Steffan has ruthlessly pursued the understating of fast bowling. Looking deeply into the specific strength training required to complement the individual, ensuring they can maximise their physicality to bowl fast. His passion for the skill of bowling fast is infectious, and his willingness to share knowledge and help others is a reflection off why his coaching is for all.

Jason Kerr- Somerset County Cricket Club Head Coach

I took up the PaceLab program during the lock down in India. Through PaceLab I got to know about my bowling dominance and what exactly I needed to do to bowl faster and be safe from injuries while do so. PaceLab is the most science-based training that I have come across. I saw results within weeks, and I am a better bowler than I was before I took up the program. Steffan is a great coach, I like the way that he personally takes care of every bowler training under him and is very patient while answering my doubts. I would recommend any fast bowler who is looking to make progress to join PaceLab.

CTL Rakshan- India U19 Fast Bowler

I love Steffan's coaching style. It's a barrage of current science peppered with old-school, no BS technical coaching which throws a constant challenge to the athlete and coach to keep adjusting to an unstable environment filled with not just physical but mental and technical perturbations, the outcome of which is either a diamond or a failure and try again. For me this is the clarity of sport and the essence of good coaching. To guide the constant cycle of challenge-struggle-improvement, over ourselves and not others. Here at LILA we're honoured and excited to continue to work with Stef as our global Exogen Master Coach for Cricket - lets keep moving forward!

Joseph Dolcetti - CEO, LILA Movementechnology

Steffan Jones ideas on bowling are groundbreaking. He explains his philosophies clearly and with science to back them up and his various drills to enhance a bowlers strength and skill are simple and fun. A video I posted with him helping my two sons with their bowling actions got 45,000 downloads

Simon Hughes - Commentator and Journalist

Since I met Steff over 10 years ago, I have found him to be one of the most driven and engaging Performance Coaches I have had the pleasure of meeting. His sheer passion for fast bowling and his thirst to be at the forefront of applied research has led him to become one of the most recognisable and indeed finest proponents of fast bowling in the World. We have shared many conversations throughout the period of time we have known each other, specifically around physical preparation in overhead athletes and as should be the way with ambitious practitioners from their respective fields, there is always a significant amount of cross-pollination and idea generation from such engagement.

Steff’s presence in the minds of fast bowlers and coaches around the World has clearly stimulated much discussion and debate which, for the future of the discipline is critical when new ground is coveted. It takes a very unique character and skillset to foster such debate in an appropriate and professional manner, whilst maintaining focus and integrity and in the current climate of self fulfillment and perhaps egocentrism, Steff has remained humble and respectful of his peers and demands this from others.

A superb Director of Sport, he clearly also understands the educations and developmental requirements of future generations of athletic populations, whilst maintaining his acute awareness of what High Performance truly is, and where those with the pre-disposed genetics to perform at an Elite level could be headed.

I feel truly humbled to be able to call Steffan Jones, my friend, colleague and indeed mentor and believe that his methods and foresight will leave a lasting legacy for future generations of athletes and coaches across a broad range of disciplines indefinitely.

David Parker MSc (Sports Biomechanics) ASCC Senior Performance Coach | Shanghai Sports Institute Professional Javelin Coach & Coach Mentor

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