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• As a performance coach specialising in Speed and Power I have helped bowlers bust through plateaus which they never thought they would break.
• Rehab and help fast bowlers return to play from ACL-Lumbar-Shoulder injuries and eventually surpass their previous level .
• Worked with Fast bowlers at State-National-International level and successfully used the Pacelab principles .
• Clientele – Divyansh Joshi (World cup India U-19 ) Anjdeep Lad (MPL U-23 ) Prince Badiani( U-19 State MCA) Aaryan Badhe (U-19 States ) Zaid Patankar (U-19 States )


• ASCA -Did my accreditation at JSW sports in 2018 with Dan Baker himself present for theory and practical class.
• Mike Reinold Knee rehab mentorship – Learned from one of the best mind in Baseball rehab on tried and tested approach to Knee injuries.
• American College of Sports Medicine – CPT
• Steffan Jones Pacelab camp @ Bangalore.
• Worked in Collaboration with Dinesh Lad sir ( Rohit Sharma and Shardul Thakurs coach) and Nandan Bal sir (Leander Paes coach) to work on potential talents.


• Worked with renowned coaches like Dinesh Lad sir (Rohit Sharma and Shardul Thakurs coach ) and helped his potential fast bowlers elevate their performance.
• Worked with more the 20 plus fast bowler with Lumbar ACL shoulder Ankle injuries to successfully get the, back to competing at elite level
• Having understand of Fast bowling Performance+Injury risk management puts me in a unique position to help bowlers

Ankit Tivrekar
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