PaceLab Game Speed

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This 6-week programme focused on non-weight training methods and is the bridge between ‘gym-strength’ and ‘game readiness’. This programme has a focus on jumping,¬†medicine ball throwing and sprinting. Specific to any athlete who needs to move quickly.



Are you looking at taking yourself to the next level?

Speed kills! If you are that person who is not seeing any noticeable results from your current gym programmes and can’t seem to get that gain in speed on the pitch, despite your speed training you need to take your game to the next level. Maybe you need to try our industry-leading Athletic Development Template.

Your current programme might not be prioritising the specific needs of your body in order to be faster in matches. The PaceLab game speed athletic development template for is a specific programme that focuses on max velocity sprinting, force training, stiffiness training and acceleration work.

What can I expect the game speed training template to look like?

This programme is a 6-week specific training plan. It is suitable for those with a strong training age and someone who is prepared to work hard and train daily. As with all programmes, the more you put in, the more you will get out.

This template does not contain any videos, however, most of the exercises in the programme can be seen in videos on Steffan’s Instagram.

You will need to have access to a gym to complete this programme. Secondly, a large open space where you can run at full speed. 

If you want a programme more tailored to your individual needs, Pacelab offers other services. The PaceLab Bespoke is our most popular programmes and have had staggering results worldwide.


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