Pacelab Bespoke

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Pacelab Bespoke is the premium and most bespoke Pacelab service. With Pacelab Bespoke, you get treated like a true professional, and all your fast bowling training needs will be met. We focus on improving players’ skills and performance through the programme’s strength and conditioning sessions and bowling-specific workouts. Our current Bespoke athletes have all made outstanding fast-bowling progress.




What is PaceLab Bespoke Fast Bowling Coaching?

The PaceLab Bespoke Fast Bowling Coaching is a premium coaching programme designed specifically for fast bowlers looking to take their speed, bowling robustness and longevity to the next level. We focus on improving players’ skills and performance through strength and conditioning sessions and bowling-specific workouts in the programme. Our current Bespoke players have all made outstanding fast-bowling progress. So why not join them and the PaceLab Fast Bowling revolution.

What is offered in PaceLab Bespoke?

Initial Consultation – The purpose of the initial consultation is to introduce the programme, explain how everything works and help get you up and running with all of the systems. Steffan will individually analyse a pre-recorded video of your bowling action with you, explaining areas for improvement. This will take place Online. Additionally, this is also an excellent opportunity to ask any questions about the programmes.

Access to the PaceLab Platforms- PaceLab has partnered with both Ludimos and VoltAthletics to give you access to the latest Fast Bowling technology and management software available on the market. Steffan can analyse all of your recorded sessions. He will track all of your training daily and engage in frequent interactions to discuss how training is going, changes to the programme and constant assessment.

Programme and Workload Management– Steffan will design a programme that works around you and your commitments to ensure that you are in peak condition for your season so you can make a statement. He will use all of his experience in designing programmes for some of the world’s greatest fast bowlers. We will design your programme around your goals, neurotype, training age, and other important metrics.

Who can sign up?

Pacelab Bespoke is available for all aspiring professional cricketers. If you are unsure if it’s for you, please email Steffan using the contact form below.

How can I sign up for the PaceLab Bespoke Fast Bowling Coaching?

We will assess your application for a place on the PaceLab Bespoke initiative. To apply, please use the contact form found at the bottom of this page to begin the initial consultation phase.

We may require some more information from you. If you are unsuccessful, please don’t worry; many other solutions will help you achieve your bowling goals, like PaceLab Remote.

PaceLab Bespoke in an individualised programme with direct contact with PaceLab founder Steffan Jones. This is our most premium service, and the programme’s cost reflects this level of engagement.