PaceLab 6 week Fast Bowling Programme

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For a limited time Pacelab will be providing a 6-week program that will help bowlers build the capacity to bowl quicker. It is a generic programme that will get you the results you are after. Stronger, more powerful and stronger in your own bowling action.

The program includes general and specific exercises, weighted ball bowling routine, a running routine and a diet sheet. Videos are also included



What is the 6-week programme, and will it help me learn how to bowl fast?

PaceLab offers a comprehensive 6-week programme designed to help bowlers build the general capacity to bowl quicker. The programme will give bowlers the tools they need to achieve their desired results on and off the pitch. This template will focus on increasing strength, power and robustness, leading to a more efficient bowling action.

What will I find in my template, and will it help me learn how to bowl fast?

The programme includes general and specific exercises and Skill Stability Paradigm exercises designed by Steffan Jones. Alongside the exercise routine, the programme consists of:

  • A weighted ball bowling routine.
  • Running Routine
  • Diet sheet 

To ensure that participants understand the programme entirely, we have included videos to provide step-by-step instructions for each exercise and routine. With this programme, bowlers can take their game to the next level and achieve their full potential, all with the guidance and expertise of the PaceLab team.

Will the programme be hard?

As with all of the Pacelab programmes, this template will require discipline and commitment. You will get out from the template what you put into it. If you put the hard yards in, you will benefit from it.

Do I need any equipment to complete the template?

The beauty of this programme is that it can mostly be performed at home or in a gym. It does not require specialised equipment for any of the exercises. Most of the exercises can also be adapted to suit your training age. It would be beneficial to have the PaceLab Weighted Balls to get the most out of the kneeling constraints drills, however, this is not a requirement.


If you want to find out more about what to expect from our template, head over to Steffan’s instagram, where you will find loads of videos of bowlers completing some of the drills found in your new programme.