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What is PaceLab Remote?

PaceLab remote 24-week is an online fast bowler workout plan that Steffan Jones has specifically designed to assist bowlers of all ages all over the world.

Regarding fast bowling, there is no one-size-fits-all. Everyone is different. So many variables may affect the success of a bowling programme and player development. 

How is the online fast bowler workout plan structured?

The plan is broken down into phases of 6 weeks. Each stage will target different aspects of your preparation. As you get closer to your season, you will be more specific and bowl more. This is a fixed programme so you will need need to fit it around your schedule. 

What equipment will I need for my programme?

The exercises for those aged 8-14 will focus on bodyweight exercises, isometrics and movement. You can creatively complete these exercises at home or in the garden. Those aged 15+ will see the introduction and use of activities you need to perform on equipment in a gym. It would be beneficial for all bowlers to have access to medicine balls and weighted balls. 

Will I receive personalised assistance during my fast bowler workout plan?

24-week programme - This includes 5 mesocycles of varying length. This will cover the complete off-season phase. Includes, general prep 1, general prep 2, specific prep 1, specific prep 2 and pre competition phases.

If you still want a more individualised approach, the PaceLab Bespoke is your option.


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