Pacelab Remote

What is PaceLab Remote?

PaceLab Remote allows you to access an individualised programme from your home.

PaceLab remote is perfect for those who are unable to go to a PaceLab hub. PaceLab remote is where you can find a programme that is designed to suit your individual needs. We use a complex algorithm that analyses both your personal and bowling characteristics and traits and create an individualised programme that will help you to unlock your true potential.

What is analysed?

  • Bowling Action Analysis
  • Bowling Dominance
  • Physical Limitations
  • Neurotyping
  • Training Age

New for 2022 - Includes technical analysis.

Pacelab Remote Profiling

The PaceLab Remote profiling is a mechanism created by Steffan Jones as a part of PaceLab. Its philosophy is to understand your limiting factors and to then remotely create a programme that suits your individual neurological profile/dominance with the aim of maximising your results and ultimately improve your fast bowling exponentially.

The test involves a series of question that will produce a programme that will give you the biggest improvement. The complex algorithm in the questionnaire analyses your bowling action and allows me to understand your limiting factor and what is holding you back in order to correct it.

The questionnaire will ascertain your neurotype using Christian Thibaudeau’s Neurotyping questionnaire. This allows me to understand your stress tolerance/response, motivation, drive and the need for structure or variation, so that I can adjust your programme accordingly. We offer both a 12-week (£400) and a 24-week (£600) programme option.

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