Player Mentorship

PaceLab Player Mentorship

To provide science-based coaching to identified and selected young talented fast bowlers in the UK.

What does Player Mentorship Include?

Player mentorship includes full support of all aspects of performance and ensures a transfer of training with all aspects controlled by one coach.

The aim is to provide the right amount of support that’s specific to the needs of the player and his/her family. I’ll be here whenever is needed, over the phone, on zoom and live when planned. Success can only be achieved when the amount of ‘coach noise’ is limited where difference of opinions clouds the progress of young bowlers.

The Pacelab Player Mentorship programme guarantees clear, knowledgeable guidance to enable each bowler to fulfil their potential.

How does it work?

  • Majority will be remote support
  • Allows support wherever you are in the world. Those able to attend live sessions the cost will be additional, and the schedule based on their needs
  • Strength + Conditioning programme tailored to each bowler based on their profile
  • Technical programme based on results on profile day or remote testing
  • Mobile number shared for constant WhatsApp support
  • Email introduction to relevant coaches to ensure no confusion and joined up thinking [optional]
  • Once per week one to one option of 60-90mins, based at Millfield School, Somerset on Wednesday evenings. There is an additional cost for this.
  • There will be a once per month option for one to one at Reeds School, Surrey. Limited places
  • Constant re-profile to adapt ongoing training
  • Weekly Zoom calls at the end of the week, when possible, to update progress
  • Nutritional advice provided
  • DISCOUNT Codes for essential equipment
  • Done in phases at a time. Off season and In-season. There is the option of stopping the relationship after each phase and not before.

The mentorship programme allows players to communicate with Steffan who will ensure the performance and wellbeing aspect of the player is put at the forefront of all discussion. Workload management, programme design, technical analysis will all be catered for. This programme is designed so you have Steffan as your ‘one to one’ coach as such. The cost will include;

  • 1 x one to one live session at a discussed venue
  • Monthly catch ups
  • WhatsApp numbered shared for continued support
  • Programme design based on the needs of each player
  • Technical analysis
  • Programme will change every phase and a new one provided
  • Remote or live profiling session to identify limiting factors and plan of attack
  • Cost. £200 PER MONTH
    2 month notice will be provided if both parties agree the relationship isn’t working.

What are the Costs of Player Mentorship?

Monthly cost - At the start of each phase. £200 / month. Works out £50 /week for full mentoring support
Minimum relationship - One phase of 8wks -2months/cycle


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