Pacelab Profiling

PaceLab Profiling

This is unique to Pacelab and is one of the most sought-after programmes around the world. This is when data is collected, technique is analysed and then an initial 4-week programme is provided to improve these numbers. Pacelab fully appreciates that there are various stakeholders in a player’s career which is why we will simply perform a battery of tests and you and your coach can use the information as you choose.

There are 3 options that are tailored to different needs;

Option 1

Live LEVEL 1 BASIC PROFILE of 1 hr at a Pacelab location in Somerset , England. This will include;

  • Technical analysis
  • Bowling velocity
  • Weighted ball velocity discrepancies [difference between heavy and light balls]
  • Upper body medicine ball throws for power testing
  • Lower body jump profiles for power and reactivity testing

You will receive a video providing feedback for technique and a table with the results of the test. You will also be given a generic 4–6-week programme that will improve the numbers and subsequent ball velocity.

Cost- £200

Option 2

As above but will also include a complete bowling ‘waveform’ assessment using the 1080 sprint which is the only one in cricket. It will provide approach speed, power, force and provide data on the rhythm and coordination of the full bowling sequence.

The profile will also include strength testing on FORCEDECKS and measure ground contact time with the contact grid.

This profile will take approximately 2 hrs and cost £500

Option 3

Group profiling. This option is for team and groups at their own location. Pacelab will travel to a location in the UK and perform a full option 2 profiling for a maximum of 10 players. It will take approximately 3hrs. Travel expenses will also need to be covered.

Cost. £1000


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