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What is PaceLab Bespoke Pro?

Steffan's innovative supplement to the PaceLab Bespoke training programme, the PaceLab Bespoke Pro, provides live and dynamic coaching to cricketers anywhere. It is available to all current PaceLab Bespoke athletes through online fast bowling coaching Zoom sessions or in-person training at a mutually agreed location.

He designed the programme to empower players to customise their sessions according to their specific needs and schedules, offering flexibility and accessibility. Through the PaceLab Bespoke, enrolled cricketers can receive live coaching from Steffan, either online or in person. Steffan has been successfully coaching some of the world's leading fast bowlers using this approach for the last few years. We are excited to extend this service to all PaceLab Bespoke athletes worldwide.

How does it work?

Steffan's revolutionary coaching service offers players unprecedented flexibility and accessibility, enabling them to receive personalised coaching that suits their individual needs and schedules, regardless of location.

Online Fast Bowling Coaching- (£200 per hour)

You will have a bowling or gym session, which Steffan would have planned. Steffan will be with you via Zoom for the entirety of your session. You will receive dynamic and live feedback from him. He will be able to give you technical feedback, feedback on fatigue and reps and adjust the programme dynamically depending on how you find the session. He will also be able to manage your AREG and bowling load.

Live Fast Bowling Coaching- (£500 for two hours)

Our live fast bowling coaching sessions take place at a mutually agreed location. You'll receive fast bowling specific training, including strength, rotational, and weighted ball training, just like a professional.

You can see some snippets of some of the coaching on Steffan's instagram:

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