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Pacelab players offers many different programmes principally aimed at improving the pace of fast bowlers. Your chronological age or your training age will be catered for. Whether based locally or overseas your needs will be met. Let Pacelab help you achieve your goals and push that pace ceiling up.

The main principle of Pacelab is simple. The faster you are, the fitter you are, the more technically efficient you are and the larger the margin of error. Speed wins every day of the week.

Pacelab is principally aimed at fast bowlers, but also those competing in other throwing sports such as baseball and javelin. We also offer training programmes that improve your general athletic qualities but still respect the principle of specificity. Specificity is unique to you as an individual athlete.

There are off-the-shelf 6 weeks training programmes for aspiring athletes , called templates, through to a highly tailored bespoke service for professional or aspiring pro fast bowlers.

We are confident that Pacelab and Steffan’s programme design is unique. What other service is based on 20 years dual sport professional playing experience, sports science degree, top level coaching, high level coaching qualifications and UKSCA accreditation. Pacelab is a world leader and let us help you on your journey.

Pacelab for Players

Level 1
6 Week

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Level 2
Analysis and
24 Week Programme

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Level 3

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Level 4

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