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Pro Playa Camp

Do you want to train like a professional player for a week and see some fantastic results and changes in your action and bowling velocity? The PaceLab Fast Bowling Pro Playa Camp Sharjah could be the perfect option for you. You will train for 4 hours each day under the watchful eye of Steffan Jones. The camp will begin with a full profiling, usually costing £500, to analyse your bowling action and your physiology in order for Pace Lab to understand what your limiting factor is.

What’s included in the camp:

  • Full Profiling and Analysis- Understanding your limiting factor
  • Specific Strength Training- Learning how to transfer gym strength into fast bowling performance.
  • Medicine ball throws and arm speed training-Learning how to implement medicine ball throwing into your programme.
  • Rotational Training- Designing drills that respect the principles of rotation and developing torque in the kinetic sequence.
  • Weighted Ball Bowling- Learn how to you weighted balls in your programme based on your limiting factor.

16th- 20th October 2023 - 08:00-10:00 & 15:00-17:00

£1100 for the week (Approx 5000 AED).
Location of the PaceLab Fast Bowling Academy: Sharjah Stadium, UAE

All of the above will be covered in four hours of training per day that is planned based on the drop off principles, high-low programming and the tactical needs of bowling.

What else will you need for the fast-bowling academy?
You will need to sort out visas (If applicable), travelling and accommodation.


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