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We are delighted to announce the PaceLab Australia Fast Bowling Academy launch in January 2024. We will deliver a data driven year-round high-performance program designed by PACELAB and delivered by POWER AND PACE to nurture and develop the fastest bowlers in Australia.

Cricket Fast Bowling Speed Training Acadey

PaceLab Australia Fast Bowling Academy

The need for a science-based fast bowling program:

Australia has a rich history of producing some of the world's fastest and most talented bowlers. The country has an abundance of potential, with a highly competitive amateur set-up that is recognised globally. However, at PaceLab, we believe that genuine fast-bowling talent is being held back by outdated coaching practices. This leads to overbowling, underperformance, and, ultimately, injured fast bowlers. To unleash faster deliveries, make a match-winning impact, and develop robust and dominant bowlers, Australia needs more specialised knowledge and expertise to protect and nurture its bowlers.

PaceLab Australia Academy Year Structure


Stage 1: Pace Like Fire 

60 Bowlers will be invited to attend the Pace Like Fire NFL Style Combine Event ran in person by Steffan Jones and the Pace and Power team on the 6th January 2024.

Bowlers will be profiled and talent spotted to earn a place in the PaceLab Australia Fast Bowling Academy spot. All unsuccessful bowlers will be given the opportunity to join Power and Pace's other bowling options.

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Stage 2: Academy

6 Bowlers from each of the age categories will be inducted into the academy:

  • Youth Boys Academy (Age 12-14)
  • Youth Girls Performance Academy (Age 13-17+)
  • Youth Boys Performance Academy (Age 15-17)
  • Male and Female High Performance Academy (18+)

Each Group will be required to attend a 90 minute midweek live skill stability session.

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Fast Bowling Speed Training Acadey

Power and Pace

Steffan Jones has mentored Aaron Lewis and the Power and Pace team in the last two years, and he has quickly established himself as the only official PaceLab Affiliated Coach in Australia with a great understanding of the PaceLab principles. Aaron Lewis has been working with many cricketers and athletes at all levels. From the 10-year-old in love with their bat and ball right through to the test cricketer that is looking for the 1% or recovering from an injury.

Aaron is an APA Sport and Exercise Physiotherapist and Fast Bowling Coach with Cricket Australia Representative level accreditation.

Power and Pace are located at Playpoint in Blacktown with two dedicated cricket pitches that can be converted into one full-length match-style pitch, allowing a full run-up, the first of its kind in Australia.

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Fast Bowling Speed Training Acadey


What makes the PaceLab Australia Fast Bowling Academy stand out is the fact it is data and science driven programme. The Academy focuses around the specific needs of the individual for improving ball velocity and performance. 

Each bowler is provided access to Ludimos and Teambuildr and will be expected to upload session content regularly. This will allow Steffan Jones and the Power and Pace team to receive feedback, review uploads and  tweak future sessions.

Everyone can bowl faster with the right coaching. We will provide all of our bowlers a PaceLab Passport so they can track their bowling progress throughout their journey. 


The man behind Pacelab

Steffan Jones is a former dual professional sportsman and serves as the High-Performance Fast Bowling coach for the Rajasthan Royals Cricket Team in the IPL. He also consults for individual fast bowlers, javelin throwers and pitchers globally. Steffan has a unique combination of qualifications in sports science, strength and conditioning, and technical coaching. His innovative methods are data-driven, and he is the only cricket coach qualified to teach with the Lila movement Exogen suit.

Steffan's focus on specific strength, utilising methods like weighted ball bowling, the Bondarchuk classification, and skill-stability training, has gained him global recognition and praise for changing and stabilising technique.

The Pacelab Approach
Fast Bowling Speed Training Acadey


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