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PaceLab UK - Wellington, Somerset This is the current home of PaceLab. Located just off the M5 near Taunton. Wellington is just 2 hours by train from London and 2 hours by train from Birmingham so has great transport links.

The fast bowling and Athletic profiling assessment is suitable for those wanted to be profiled and tested using the state-of-the-art equipment at the PaceLab UK hub. During this two-hour session, we can measure and understand your limiting factors to find the right programme that will perfectly suit your individual needs. At the end of the day, you will receive a booklet with all of your test results and bowling recommendations. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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On acceptance of payment, we will be in touch to arrange the nearest date at convenience to you.

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Equipment available at PaceLab UK

PaceLab UK is fortunate to have some of the finest fast bowling facilities in the UK. We use the following equipment to help supplement our training programmes. I believe in the philosophy of “assess don’t guess” and PaceLab UK has all the capabilities to do that.

  • Force plates- Used to measure ground reaction forces [GRF]
  • Athos live [EMG] - Used to measure muscle activation during bowling.
  • Jump mat - Used to identify where you sit on the force-velocity curve.
  • Lila Exogen suit - Used for specific speed development. The only place it currently is being used.
  • Speed gun - Used to identify limiting factors based on velocity discrepancy.
  • OU weighted balls and medicine balls - Used to measure power output.
  • 1080 sprint - [the only location in the UK where this is available!!].
  • Kbox by ‘Exxentric’ - Used for eccentric loading
    Fly wheel squat and cable stack by ‘Proinertial’ Used for rotational power
  • ‘Pitchivison’ - Used for technical and tactical monitoring.
  • ‘Keiser’ - Used for functional trainer for dynamic rotational work.
  • ‘Vertimax’ - Used for multi-station specific strength trainer.
  • ‘Exergenie’ - Used for resisted sprints to develop more momentum in the approach.
  • SAQ Viper belt / 1080sprint assisted bowling - Used to increase GRF on front foot contact.
  • Slide-board and side strike - Used to develop stiffness and lateral power.


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