What is Pacelab?

PaceLab is the number one destination for information and programmes for fast bowling. The PaceLab coaching platform is the brainchild of the world leading fast bowling coach Steffan Jones that has the aim of educating and improving fast bowlers of all abilities and ages. PaceLab draws all of Steffan’s experience and expertise on the governing dynamics of fast bowling to create training plans that will help you achieve your bowling goals.

“The Governing Dynamics of Fast Bowling’ is a system where no other coach in the world can confidently say they fully understand. I am confident my approach is unique and I’m looking forward to helping you bowl quicker, safer and more consistently. Not everyone is born to bowl 90 mph but everyone can bowl faster than what they currently do. I am the only coach in the world who can safely say thar ‘I will get you bowling faster!’”

Fast Bowling Speed Training Acadey

What does Pacelab offer?

PaceLab offers a number of different programmes and services that caters for everyone. PaceLab allows you to learn anywhere in the world and at a time that suits you as well as experience face to face workshops and camps.

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The man behind Pacelab

Steffan Jones is the last dual professional sportsman in the United Kingdom having played 3 years professional rugby and 20 years professional cricket. Currently, he is Director of Sport Performance at a private school in England and a global fast bowling consultant. He is the fast bowling development coach for the Rajasthan Royals in the IPL as well as consulting for individual fast bowlers, javelin throwers and pitchers around the world.

Steffan is in a unique position having played the sport, is a qualified sports scientist, a UKSCA qualified strength and conditioning coach and also as a level 3 qualified technical coach. His methods are innovative and heavily based on sports science. Steffan is also the only cricket coach to be qualified in teaching the Lila movement Exogen suit which he regards as the number 1 specific strength tool in the business.

Steffan has developed a reputation as an ‘outside the box’ thinker in all overhead throwing sports and is the go-to man when an increase in bowling velocity is required. His focus on specific strength including weighted ball bowling, the application of the Bondarchuk classification and the utilisation of Isometric training as part of his Skill-stability training' method has brought him plaudits from all around the world and continues to change and stabilise technique.

Fast Bowling Speed Training Acadey
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