PaceLab Delhi 5 Day Camp

PaceLab Delhi 5 Day Camp

PaceLab is delighted to announce it will be heading to Ayush Mehendiratta's Launchpad Cricket Adademy in February 2024. 

An intense 5 Day Shock training where you will develop your understanding of the PaceLab Principles and learn what it takes to bowl faster with PaceLab's elite coaching team.

Find out all the information about the camp and how to sign up  in the dropdown below. 

If you have any questions, or would like to sign up, please contact Ayush and the Launchpad team via WhatsApp below. 


5 Day Fast Bowling Camp

Day 1
Introduction to the PaceLab Principles with a Bowling Profiling.

Day 2

Improving the approach (run-up).

Day 3

Improving the impact zone 

Day 4

Improving the delivery zone

Day 5

Putting it all together with a Skill Stability Circuit

You will bowl each day and also have presentations to help consolidate your knowledge.


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Feb 26 2024 - Mar 01 2024


All Day


Launchpad Cricket Academy
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