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Pacelab Education

What is it?

Based on working in education and overseeing an innovative sports department Steffan will provide his opinion and insight into creating change in schools that allow each child to benefit from a movement specific syllabus. Steffan will visit the school and provide suggestions and recommendations on how to progress sport and physical education at your school.

There are 4 options;

  1. Fast bowling workshops
  2. Programme consultation
  3. Programme redesign and application
  4. School finder

1. Fast bowling workshops
2 hrs-£700. Any number of bowlers. Includes travelling cost. This can be at clubs, counties or schools

2. Physical education consultation
Consultancy on Leading Sports in schools. Ongoing support for sports leaders that includes a visit and review of the current sports and movement provision in educational establishments. Cost £1000 for day visit. Includes observation and feedback and presentation/workshop to coaches and teachers. Subsequent ongoing relationship based on discussions. See below

3. PE redesign and application
The options of integrating a tailored Wellness and movement curriculum is also provided. Full design and integration of the award nominated and globally recognised SPW syllabus in your school. Organisation and cost on request.

4. School finder
Pacelab School finder- Provide honest feedback and recommendation on what schools suits the needs of your child. Based on experience and opinion Steffan will direct your child to the school he feels suits his or her needs. Steffan has no affiliation to any school and will simply put the needs of your child and family first.


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