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PaceLab Coach Affiliation

PaceLab Coach Affiliation certifies you to coach the PaceLab way. As a PaceLab Affiliated coach, you will champion PaceLab and be the PaceLab go-to qualified coach in your area. The amount of support and guidance that you get as an affiliated coach is unprecedented.

What can I expect to receive as an Affiliated Coach?

  • Name/Link to your services on the PaceLab Website so you will be recognised as a PaceLab Affiliated coach.
  • Frequent Social media and online promotion and endorsement from Steffan Jones.
  • If a player requests PaceLab coaching from me and reside in your area, they will be sent to you.
  • Constant and frequent access to Steffan Jones for advice and assistance.
  • Advice and assistance with Programme Design, analysis of players, coaching intervention tools.
  • Discount on all PaceLab Affiliated products.
  • PaceLab Affiliated Coach leisurewear.

Being an affiliated coach is a big commitment and is the start of a long-term partnership between yourself and PaceLab. For this reason, there is a yearly retainer fee of £3000, and then a monthly fee of £199.99 a month.

PaceLab Affiliated Coaches

The following coaches are official PaceLab affiliated coaches. They understand the principles and I fully trust and endorse them to coach with the quality that pacelab expects. They have continued contact with Steffan and are officially mentored by himself.

If you are looking for Pacelab specific coaching, then these coaches will be ideal for you in your part of the world.


Steffan Jones

Somerset, UK

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Image of Ayush Mehendiratta

Ayush Mehendiratta

New Delhi, India
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Aaron Lewis

Sydney, Australia

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Anirban Datta


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Manish Rathod


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Ankit Tivrekar


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