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Pacelab principles require many coaches to understand them and then implement them globally. Steffan relies on other coaches spreading the word. Therefore, Pacelab coaches is essential to the success of Pacelab Global. If you are an aspiring pathway coach or an international coach this section of the website is for you. Join the mentorship programme so Steffan can provide you with ongoing support, read the articles, buy the courses or work towards becoming an official affiliated coach. Pacelab principles are creating change around the world but understanding and respecting the science behind them is essential. Let Steffan guide you.

New to 2022, Pacelab also offers a unique combination of support for schools. Based on 11 years working in a school as a Head of Cricket and Elite Performance and then more recently 7 years as Director of Sport Performance Steffan can provide guidance and support for schools in both cricket programming and the whole sports provision. If you are looking for the right school for your child in the UK ,Pacelab has also partnered up with Beech education and provide a non-affiliated view on the best school for them as a cricketer but also a young healthy aspiring athlete. Which school best serves their needs and puts their wellbeing at the forefront of programming and is driven by holistic support and not league tables and ‘top 100’ magazine awards? Pacelab will direct you to the right school in the UK.

Coach Affiliation

Let Pacelab assist you on your coaching journey. Steffan will provide on-going support as you apply the Pacelab principles.
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Coach Mentorship

Find the coaches in your area that are endorsed by Steffan himself and adhere to the Pacelab principles for coaching fast bowlers.
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Workshops for cricket clubs, high-performance pathways and schools. Steffan will share his coaching knowledge and experience.
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